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Instant cash advance – using money when you need it

If you need money quickly, you need a loan type that’s going to provide it fast and not get bogged down in days’ of applications and decision-making. That’s where an instant cash advance may have a role to play.

A fast world needs fast decisions

Whatever the purpose, if you need a loan fast then you need essentially three things:

– An easy to use online application process that avoids both lots of administration and the need to provide vast amounts of information;
– Quick decisions;
– Very fast access to the cash itself.

This is what something called a payday loan is all about. It can typically provide you with an instant cash advance (or at least a very fast payday loan) and the minimum of fuss. The amount you borrow is repaid on your next payday, together with any interest and fees.

Payday cash advances – how they operate

There loans around that cater for large sums advanced over lengthy payback periods. These are typically used for buying cars; home improvements or other very expensive items.

The payday loan is different. It may be able to advance sums to you that are typically smaller amounts to cope with a sudden expenditure need such as an emergency bill or the opportunity to snap up a bargain. Once you have the fast cash loan, you simply arrange to pay it all back when you next get paid, thereby avoiding long-term commitments and debts.

They are typically available through the websites of the specialist payday loan companies. All you have to do is make a simple online application and you’ll get a quick decision. If approved, the money could be in your bank account within as little as 2 hours, or the next day, if your bank does not accept immediate transfers.

Payday loans also do not have to cost a lot, either! In fact, they can often work out cheaper than going overdrawn on your bank account. (For comparisons, take a look here: )

What you’ll need

To qualify, you’ll typically need to show that:

– You have an active UK bank account and debit card (to both receive the payday cash advance loan amount and to repay via direct debit the agreed repayment figure on a date you agree with the lender);
– You have a permanent address in the UK;
– You are in permanent employment and receiving a regular wage;
– The amount you’re asking for is realistic when compared to your regular income.

An instant cash advance may even be approved if you have some issues with your credit history. Finding out more may be a sensible move.…